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Micro wave is a 3-layer corrugated board with a wavelength of 1.1 mm to 1.7 mm (so-called E wave).
Due to its properties, it is used for the production of small boxes, for formatting and for laminating. Its aesthetic appearance is used as a decorative item or as an advertising product.
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Cardboard angles

Our corrugated cardboard angles are used to secure goods on pallets during transportation, stiffening and protecting the entire cargo from damage to the edges and corners or the storage of goods on pallets.
The use of angles allows you to eliminate the losses that could result from damage to the packed product.

Angles are used in the industry:
Household appliances, electronics, fruit and vegetable, furniture, food, construction and many manufacturers in various industries.
Cardboard separators

Cardboard separators are widely used as protective and protective material. They protect articles during transportation or storage. Used inside the package to separate and prevent product damage. Spacers can also be used to protect floors during repairs.

Separators are produced from plain boards and corrugated boards. The size, weight and number of layers depend on the individual needs of the customer. The type of separator is chosen according to the type of application and the type of article.
Corrugated cardboard 3-layer

Three-layer cardboard consists of two layers of plain paper and one corrugated sheet. It is most often used for the production of smaller boxes, flaps, packing or pallet spacers. Our offer includes the following types of cardboard:

B - wave height of 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm;
C - wave height of 3.0 mm to 3.7 mm;
E (so-called microwaves) - wave 1.1 mm to 1.7 mm.

The offer includes three-layer cardboard with different coverage and different weights: from 315 g / m2 to 500 g / m2. Depending on customer needs, cardboard can be gray (natural brown color), bleached or colored. It is also possible to print any graphic.
Corrugated cardboard 5-layer

Five-layer cardboard consists of two corrugated layers and three layers of smooth paper (two layers from the outer sides of the cardboard, one layer in the middle part). Due to its characteristic stiffness and durability, 5-layer cardboard is used for the production of boxes for larger dimensions as well as spacers and corners that protect the transported products. In our offer you will find the following wave heights:

BC - wave height of 5.5 mm to 6.7 mm;
BE - wave height 3.6 mm to 4.7 mm.

Our offer includes five-layer cardboard with different coverage and weight: from 480 g / m2 to 880 g / m2. Cardboard color can be natural, bleached or colored (cardboard laminated). Depending on the needs of the client, there is also the possibility of printing any graphics.
Cardboard trays for fruits and vegetables

Cardboard trays are a modern and ecological packaging solution.
They are perfect for packing fruit and vegetables (eg apples, pears, tomatoes, soft fruits). It is an ecological packaging. These trays are lightweight, yet sturdy and keep the product in the right place. Cardboard trays are great for advertising your company. We offer individual prints. Our graphic designers will prepare graphic designs for you.

Standard dimensions
Corrugated cardboard 4-layer: crosswise

Corrugated cardboard E + E offers higher durability and stiffness. It has improved flat crush resistance (FCT), which is more resistant to impact, puncture and is better suited for printing. Thanks to its structure and method of gluing, it provides a high degree of product protection and a wonderful appearance of the packaging.


  •  Extremely low wavelength E + E
  •  Cross bonding
  •  High rigidity and durability required for the production of boxes and packages
  •  4-ply cardboard with covered wave

shoe, cosmetics, electronics, food, alcohol, decorations, displays, advertising, office supplies
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