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Pack with flaps

Cardboard packages available in our offer are different sizes of flap boxes. Such packaging is widely used in packaging, storing and storage of goods. They are perfect in every industry, they are tough and light - ideal for shipments. Universal carton packaging is characterized by simple construction and low cost of production.
We produce cardboard boxes made of corrugated board of three or five layers. Their size and color depend on the individual needs of the customer. It is also possible to print a prepared pattern or graphic.
Punching boxes

Packaging is usually used to pack articles of lesser weight and size. Often used in the food industry, they must be adapted to a variety of transport conditions.
Packages can be of any shape and design. We produce them from corrugated cardboard using a die cutter (specialized cutting die). These packages can be equipped with holes, handles to facilitate the transfer, and can also be used perforation. The advantage of the boxes is their easy closure, not requiring additional bonding with tapes or adhesives. The size of the packaging and the type of cover depends on the needs of the customer.
Laminated packaging

The use of these packages is associated with the use of packaging for marketing purposes. It is possible to print a clear company logo, advertising slogan, or product photo. The packaging is therefore at the same time associated with the brand and product.

Packaging is based on corrugated cardboard, so called. microwave. Microwave is a very good quality cardboard, and most importantly it is visually appealing. On it is placed imprint, made by offset technique.
Packaging for soft fruits

Our fruit and vegetable packaging protects the packed products from damage during transportation. They are a great advertising advertisement for your business.
Seasonal fruits are a popular addition to desserts, cakes and milkshakes. They are a perfect complement to a healthy, nutritious breakfast, and they are also excellent as a light snack between meals. Strawberries, raspberries, berries or currants are the summer flavors we are waiting for all year round. Proper packaging and storage of products allows for longer preservation of their freshness and aesthetic appearance.

Our fruit packages are perfect for storing them. Seasonal fruits are used in the food and confectionery industry. They are very good at decorating cakes and desserts. They have a delicate structure and therefore require special storage. They are vulnerable to transport and also during packaging and sales.

Our company offers soft fruit packaging that will protect your products from damage. Packages for season fruitsare tailor made to meet the needs of producers and distributors.

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