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FLEXO printing

Printing on boxes and cartons is a kind of advertising. As a result, the packaging directly relates to the brand and the product. Advertising slogans or company logos on the packaging reinforce the image of the company among customers.

We produce professional flexographic printing on a variety of packaging and textures. Flexodruk provides the highest quality printed designs. This is a universal technique used for printing. Our machines allow for precise printing, thanks to which the final effect is clear and very good quality.It is possible to print every pattern and graphic for our customer's needs.
OFFSET printing

Printing on boxes and cartons is part of an advertising campaign. By duplicating a company's name on different media, brand awareness increases among customers.Advertising slogans, company logos, product images on the packaging help you out one step ahead of the competition in your industry.

Offset printing is one of the most popular printing techniques. It is a variant of flat printing, which is characterized by high aesthetics of the final effect. Its implementation does not take much time, so the project implementation is running in the short term. In addition, printing can be done on different substrates, in a wide range of grammages. The use of patterns and colors is voluntary. Only the idea and project of our client is included.
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